Q. Byrum Hurst. Evangelistic Assoc.

Q Byrum Hurst is a licensed pastor in the State of Arkansas. When Q. Byrum ran for Senate a lot of people consistently approached him saying that God must have something more in store for him. He would hear this many times when he spoke at events. After an unsuccessful run for Senate he went back into practicing law then got a call from a gentlemen awho had heard him speaking and again echoed the same message so many people had before. He told Q. Byrum he should spread the word of God. He kept feeling God speak to him over and over and with so many peoplle over time telling him their feelings on the subject Q. Byrum decided they must be right. How could God be wrong? He has been a Sunday School teacher at Oaklawan Church of God for 25 years. Both of his Grandfathers were ministers. Roy Hurst and Dossie Wren Barham.

Q. Byrum met with several ministers who encouraged him and he started speaking and teaching the bible at halfway houses, prisons, churches of all denominations, and much more. It's important to note that his message is not from one denomination but rather all walks of life through his experience and Gods teachings. He does this for the love of God and NEVER charges a dime to go and speak anywhere. If your interested in him speaking at your church or event please visit the booking page for more information.